MHV Community Project

  1. A vital component of the Steinbach & Area Garden Club is involvement in the community.  In 2006, the club recognized a need and adopted the gardens at the Mennonite Heritage Village as its community project.  Club members volunteer throughout the gardening season in various capacities, working together to beautify the grounds.  In 2013, more than 61 members spent time and energy making the beds look beautiful!

There are many ways to get involved.  The time commitment can be as short as an hour or two this summer.  Whatever your time allows, we would appreciate your participation.  This page will provide information on work days that you can get involved in.

(Watch for new dates this spring)

Work Dates

Plant Cleanup & Bed Prep: May

Planting: TBA

Fall Cleanup: TBA

For more information or to volunteer, call Irvin Fast at 204-346-1999

Summer Tasks

WHAT:  Throughout the summer, the garden beds need to be maintained, and we need volunteers for this.  In order to break this up into manageable sections, there are three areas or zones of garden beds.  In each of these zones, the work is divided into  watering  and  weeding. So, we are looking for a waterer & a weeder for each zone.

WHEN:  Watering is usually on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and if it’s your first time, there will be someone there to show you what to do (the hoses are on site, and you may have to drag them short distances).  Even if it has rained, you should check the plants, since some are in sheltered locations and others, such as containers, dry out very quickly.
Weeding is more flexible for timing, and the job description is self-explanatory.  Please note that this includes dead-heading where appropriate.  This job is the ‘tidying up’ of the bed so that it makes a great impression to all the visitors on behalf of the garden club, the museum, and our city.
There is no specific time commitment required – you can volunteer for one week, two weeks, the whole summer, whatever suits your schedule.  You will receive a reminder call/email from Carol when it is your week to water or weed.  And, as with the group work days, you need to bring your own tools – pruners, hoe, whatever you use in your own gardens.

BONUS:  One of the perks of volunteering is that you receive a free admission pass for the museum.  On the day that you volunteer, you receive 50% off your meal at the Livery Barn.  Also, you can help yourself to coffee (or tea, or water – some refreshment) when you need to take a break.

For all the cleanup/prep/planting dates, please bring your own tools – hoe, shovel, gloves, pruners, etc.  Thanks so much!

Please contact either Elsie Kathler (Project Chair) or Irvin Fast (Project Volunteer Coordinator) to sign up – and keep checking this site for up-to-date information.  We change the schedule as weather dictates!

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