SAGC Mission Statement

We promote interest in horticulture and act as a source of information for club members and the general public, through educational presentations and gardening related activities.

Goals & Objectives

1. To promote environmental responsibility and sustainable horticultural practices.

How we achieve this goal:

  • Through informative speakers and topics and educational workshops and handouts.
  • Planting trees in SAGC’s 10 year ‘Trees for Tomorrow’ program.
  • Supporting and promoting the Junior Gardener program.
  • Writing and posting gardening related articles for local newspaper and website.
  • Lobbying for environmentally responsible mosquito control.

We will continue to remain informed and educate others about our environment.

2. To enhance the community through the knowledge and creativity of SAGC members, and to provide a venue for community involvement.

How we achieve this goal:

  • SAGC community project of maintaining the gardens of the Mennonite Heritage Village.
  • Supporting the Junior Gardener program.
  • Organizing public garden tours.
  • Supporting Steinbach community gardens.
  • ‘Trees for Tomorrow’ program.
  • Advocating for responsible envionmental decisions re mosquito control.

We will continue to serve our communities by accepting new opportunities as they present themselves.

3. To act as a source of information for club members and the general public.

How we achieve this goal:

  • Providing access to the SAGC library at club meetings.
  • Engaging informative speakers and topics of discussion.
  • Maintaining our website.
  • Providing informative workshops.
  • Supporting the Junior Gardener Program.
  • Through activities such as mentoring, discussion forums e.g. round table and gardentalk, and an annual daytrip with an educational emphasis.

We will continue to seek ways to share our horticultural knowledge.

Memberships are available at $20.00 per person for the year or $30.00 per household.  They can be purchased at any club meeting.

Any person is welcome to attend our meetings – either for a topic of special interest or to just “check us out”.  Drop in fees are $5.00 per person per session.

Benefits of Membership

*Copy of the lastest “The Prairie Garden” at SAGC’s special price
*20% discount directly to members on May shopping night only
*Gain up-to-date gardening knowledge from informative guest speakers
*Spring & Fall perennial exchange for members
*Annual volunteer prize draws
*Participation in SAGC activities provides opportunity to interact with other gardeners, finding inspiration and sourcing new ideas
*Great door prizes and refreshments at meetings
*Special events-Garden Tour and Potluck, A Gardener’s Dessert Evening
*Educational gardening workshops
*Volunteer opportunities

Community Project

In the Garden Club, it is exciting to be part of a community of gardeners – and it is our pleasure and responsibility to share our passion and skills with the community in which we live.  The Club has adopted the gardens at the Mennonite Heritage Village as its community project.  Click here for more information.

To purchase a membership please call Anne Peters at 204.326.2396

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