Fogging for Adult Mosquitoes in Steinbach

ladybug eating aphid Hello Steinbach & Area Garden Club Members

Have you noticed all the insect activity in your garden lately ie Ladybugs devouring aphids?  No doubt, if you planted for them, you’re enjoying the  Monarch butterflies!

Here’s an important notice for member gardeners living in Steinbach, with regard to this week’s advisory by Russ Dyck, head of Steinbach’s Parks and Recreation Department, concerning fogging for adult mosquitoes.

SAGC’s mandate is to advocate for the protection of the environment in our gardens, and this includes beneficial insects such as dragonflies, ladybugs, butterflies and our distressed bee population. Therefore, it is a real concern that, due to abundant rainfall this summer and high mosquito trap counts, fogging with Malathion could occur very soon.

Gardeners know that fogging kills more than just mosquitoes! The aforementioned insects are eliminated but there are also many night flying pollinators doing their work while fogging is being carried out. Birds would also be affected because fogging diminishes their food source.

Furthermore, fogging for adult mosquitoes is unproductive because, after the damage is done,  the next windy day will bring mosquitoes right back into the city.

If you want to protect your garden from the harmful results of fogging for adult mosquitoes it is very important that you act quickly by registering your property as a ‘no fogging zone’. Your notice must be received 2 days prior to a fogging event. Every property registered is important and makes a difference.

To register and object 

Objections may be registered by email to or in person at City Hall, 225 Reimer Avenue in Steinbach. Objections should be dated and must include a name, street address, and phone number and will be kept on record for the 2015 year. Please note, if you registered an objection to fogging last year (2014), you will need to register again this year. As per the Manitoba pesticides regulation, objections must be filed each year. Any objections received less than two days before a scheduled fogging will take effect for the next fogging.

Obviously time is of the essence and all of us need to act quickly to register our properties. Do it today!

Our bees will thank us!monarch butterfly chrysalis

Steinbach & Area Garden Club Executive



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