Garden Days 2016

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As part of Garden Days on June 17-19, 2016 , Steinbach and Area Garden Club is encouraging local gardeners to take a walk in several area natural parks to enjoy what nature looks like without too much help from man.  Gardeners bring the “wild” into the yard; but the “wild” can be beautiful in its own right.  To learn more about Garden Days check out their website at

SAGC Marchand Provincial Park

Marchand Provincial Park

Marchand Provincial Park is only 1.78 hectares and is located in the southeast corner of Manitoba, within the Sandilands Provincial Forest.  The park is approximately nine kilometers east of the community of Marchand and about 80 kilometers southeast of the city of Winnipeg.  The park is primarily intended to provide opportunities for day-use recreation and to act as a staging area for the network of trails adjacent to the park.  As such, facilities are limited to picnic tables, a picnic shelter, fire pits and non-modern washrooms.

Tourond Creek Discovery Center or TCDC

If you’ve never visited the old Kleefeld & Hanover dump site now is a good time to do so.  It has become a great place for classroom field trips seeking an appreciation for, and an understanding of, the natural eco-system of the area.  It features ponds with a viewing tower, wild and “weedy” grasslands filled with prairie bird sounds, and mature wooded areas as well as Tourond Creek.  In late Fall impressive numbers of Bald Eagles may gather before heading farther South.

Begun as the brainchild of a number of Kleefeld residents, it quickly gathered support from too many agencies to be listed here.  The area features viewing towers, walking trails, and an ever-changing array of grasses and flowers.  It is a great example of “wasteland” being turned into a tremendous resource for schools and individuals seeking to tune in with nature away from an urban environment.

Don’t forget to hike past the Environment Canada weather station from which Steinbach’s weather is reported.  Beyond that is the mound that used to be the waste disposal site.  The views from on top almost make you feel like you’ve just climbed a small mountain!

Besides having maintained trails, you will also find picnic tables and washrooms in summer.

To get to the TCDC Nature Centre from Steinbach travel west on the #52. You will see the large sign at the old Hanover dump on the left just before the huge new HyLife feedmill on the right approximately 2 miles (3 km) east of the #59 HWY.

Rosenthal Nature Park

The Rosenthal Nature Park is a wonderful place to take a quiet walk.  It used to be just the borrow pit for the development of the newer Mitchell lagoon, but thanks to Hanover Municipality and the Seine-Rat River Conservation District, the area has been turned into a wonderful place to enjoy many aspects of nature.

A solid walking trail, with crushed pea gravel on top, allows for access even in light rain.  The path winds its way around the shallow lagoon, and even into the middle of the pond when water is not too high.  Many species of ducks, some geese, and even swans may be observed in Spring and Fall.

The path also circles a grassy prairie area featuring a series of nest boxes on posts that are frequented by nesting Tree Swallows.  Perhaps Eastern Bluebirds will join them in the future.  A number of solid benches strategically placed, allow for some rest and contemplation time.

Lastly, a spin-off trail takes you through the aspen woods where all manner of birds may be foraging in the woods on migration.  Still others may nest in the area including the impressive Pileated Woodpecker that can frequently be seen and heard from the trails.  So go take a hike!

You can get to the Rosenthal Nature Park by heading west from Steinbach on the #52 through Mitchell and then heading north on # 32E immediately after the #52 narrows to two lanes. Continue for one mile (1.6 km) and then turn west on Randolph Road. Just as the bush ends on the right side you will see the large sign to the park which is adjacent to the Mitchell lagoon.


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