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        • *local Your ultimate northern resource for outstanding outdoor living spaces.
        • Nature’s Perfect Plant Food *local A family run Vermicomposting facility just south of Steinbach, Manitoba.
        • Red Wriggler Haven *local Learn how to set up your very own vermicomposting bin (that’s worm compost!), and get everything that you need from this business in St. Norbert.
        • Friends of Gardens Manitoba *local There are many interesting events lined up.
        • Fruit Share *local Dedicated to picking, sharing and enjoying fresh fruit growing in backyards and public spaces.  We connect fruit owners who have surplus fruit with volunteer fruit pickers who pick the fruit and share it between the fruit owners, the volunteers and community groups who can use the fruit.
        • There Blooms The Garden  A gardening blog of a Master Gardener in Thunder Bay with great resources.
        • Spring Fever Spring Fever Garden Forums from North Dakota State University

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